Photo credit: Sara Pista Image Maker

Jaime (Jash) Asensio

Assistant Video Editor/ Video Editor/ Camera Person/ Analogue Photographer

From the beginning my goal was to develop my skills as Video Editor and Camera Person, so when I got the opportunity to do so at Technicolor Creative Services at Soho I couldn't do but to take it. 

Thanks to Technicolor and the top people in the industry I worked with I got my foot into the competitive world of cinema.

I ended up working on films such as The Edge of Tomorrow, Big Eyes, Zero Theorem, Tarzan, Gravity and Avengers: Age of Ultron and TV series such as Poldark, Midsummer Murders and Our Girl

After two years of hard work, blood and tears I decided to become an Assistant Editor in advertisement. At Grey London, I worked alongside some of the most talented creative’s and editors in the field dealing on a daily basis with the insanely tight deadlines, late nights in front of the computer and the demands of some of the most reputable brands in London.

I am currently an edit and colour assistant and freelance editor based in London always in the pursue of opportunities to collaborate with creative people in the field in order to grow both professionally and personally. The freedom that the freelance position gave me let me worked on projects such as A Head Full of Dreams, Maradona and to collaborate with the BBC.

I am sincerely passionate about cinema and photography, which I also do whenever I have the chance, and I am proud to display the skills I have acquired over the years through my work.

Jaime (Jash) Asensio